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Reply to Sebai Maa’s post #7608

Udja and Dua for your reply #7608 to my posting #7593. I do appreciate you introducing the two vocabulary words “sefu” and “madjed,” along with the corresponding hieroglyphs. I agree with your distinction between asking and insisting. Asking does imply patience (sefu), which was my implication in dealing with the ego. However, insisting (madjed) is actually more appropriate because it implies, as you say, the confidence necessary to deal with the stubborn ego, in which case asking may seem too passive.

It is the “djed” in the term “madjed” that also implies steadfastness–a common theme throughout the teachings. The term madjed is a good one to be acquainted with and should be added to the vocabulary of the sincere aspirant.

Shems Heryt