Reply To: Teachings of Temple of Aset Lesson 1 Discussion Forum #2

Bastu Baket

Reply to TTOA Lesson 1 Shems Arit’s Post #7535 and Questions posed by Sebai Maa in Post #7602


Dua Shems Arit for your unique perspective and Sebai Maa’s reply posing the questions for us to reflect and bring to a balance.

Upon reflection of one of the questions posed by Sebai Maa in his video post #7612,
I found myself contemplating on his statement “Soul is a ray of spirit” and meaning a projection of the Divine Self. I appreciated Aset’s aspects of a mythic character, cosmic principle and transcendental awareness. It is through these/her that Asar (mythic character) Asar (immutable soul) Asar (ray of spirit) is “remembered” in our spiritual journey.

It is through our purification, dispassion, detachment, relentlessness that we come to discover who we truly are and then that allows for the “Living in Peace not pieces.”

Shems Baket