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Response to Sebai Maa’s Reply #7602

Dua Sebai Maa for your response #7602 to Shems Arit’s posting #7535. It was a very original account of the Asarian Mysteries and demonstrates an understanding of the nature of the Gods and Goddesses and the various aspects that they represent.

In your response you offer some thought provoking and mind bending questions for reflection. As I continue to reflect on these various points I will start by addressing my thoughts on the following questions:

“Another thought is can the soul, being part of the spirit, as a drop of water is part of the ocean, forget its identity, or is it the subconscious mind that authors the forgetfulness? Another thought is why the subconscious and not the unconscious? Or conscious? Or all of them together?”

The soul is constant, like the analogy of the blue sky that remains true blue and unaffected even when hidden by the clouds. Sometimes dark storm clouds completely cover the blue sky, yet when the storm passes the blue sky remains. Sometimes the clouds are dispersed in clusters, and the blue of the sky seems patchy and fragmented, yet the fragmentation is only an illusion caused by the clouds blocking portions of the sky until they drift away, revealing the vast blue sky.

Like the sky, the soul is unchanging but can be “hidden from view” when one acts upon self-serving worldly desires or “aba n ab,” meaning your heart’s desires that are ego based. The difference between the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious are levels of subtlety. It is the more subtle, subconscious that gets stored in the heart (ab) from lifetimes of aryu that create desire. This in turn creates an opacity of the heart that causes one to forget the soul, however, the soul is always there waiting to be revealed by the aspirant.

Shems Heryt