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Aset simply makes the request of Ra: “Djed n-a ren k.” (“Tell to me your Divine name.”) When She is unable to get a straight answer from Ra, She realizes that He must be immobilized before asking Ra His Divine name again. What struck me about this was a realization that Aset was asking Ra His Divine name—the key word being “asking.” In fact, She had to ask several times before She was successful, but at no time did Aset ever demand or threaten Ra to give Her His Divine name. Thus,asking is the first step to receiving.

sefu – sefu - endurance patiencepatience, perseverance even while suffering {implies breathing}

madjed –madjed -insistantinsistence, perseverance {implies standing up and staying stood up regardless}

I think Aset’s action here can be characterized as insisting [madjed] with confidence and patience; the operative word being insistence. Insistence means pressing on and not backing down with conviction of the path and also confidence in the poison that was delivered, that it will take its toll. In the same way, an aspirant, having allowed the poison of Creation to enter into the circulatory system of the ego (thoughts and feelings and desires, etc. that compose the active (in the conscious and sub-conscious as well as the inactive aryu in the unconscious) and allowing it to be well seated there, such an aspirant knows it is only a matter of time until enlightenment dawns and all that is necessary at that point is patience/endurance [sefu], relentlessness and perseverance: antet-begag hena an chen. Provisioned with Aset (wisdom) and cultivating the qualities of antet-begag hena an chen hena sefu nena madjed, the aspirant has it, as they used to say back in the day, “made in the shade”…..” and a matter of time before reaching the goal of life!