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Many questions were brought out on the topic od the nature of the soul and of spirit and of intuitional wisdom by posting #7535. In posting #7602 it was related that ego is an illusory construct founded and created and supported by aryu (illusion caused by viewing life through the prism of personal past experiences.) So this and those postings can be studied together.

In this current post it is reiterated that Ra is also an illusory ego representation of God.

What does all this illusoriness mean? Especially in terms of allowing Ra to continue his journeys, now albeit, unseated from his throne in the solar boat?


About your statement:

“As we are Heru in our essence of worldly existence, I was profoundly touched that Aset ( our Intuitional Wisdom) would make such a provision for the sake of our Divine soul (Asar), that we, too, may discover Ra’s true name.”


Indeed it is Aset that is the protector and author of enlightenment, the provisioner and leader, stimulator and receiver of the seed of soul that leads to awakened mind. This is why, for me, Aset is the key to the Asarian Resurrection and really she/it is the only thing that stands between spirit and ignorance and without which life has no meaning except humanity just being animals keeping meat warm or the universe just a giant pinball machine with no purpose. It is Aset who fools us and also enfolds us in her divine embrace of love and wisdom, for our own edification and enlightenment as we move through the fight with Set (i.e the struggle of life, i.e. our brawl with our ego.