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This is an interesting perspective or interpretation of the Creation and Asarian Resurrection myths seen together with metaphorical applications. It provokes many stimulating questions though in the way it is being presented.

I am particularly interested in your use of the terms “moment in eternity”,weak moment” as well as the idea of being tricked by the subconscious mind. You can explain further about the idea of “Out of this encounter, true discrimination was born.” What was the mechanism behind that?

My thoughts so far are: Indeed, any events that occur in time and space happen in a moment of eternity from the perspective of God but over millennia from the human perspective. The Creation and Asarian myths occur in time and space and for God (spirit) it is one thing and for humanity another.

Another thought is can the soul, being part of spirit, as a drop of water is part of the ocean, forget its identity, or is it the subconscious mind that authors the forgetfulness? Another thought is why the subconscious and not the unconscious? Or conscious or all of them together?

In myths it is necessary to use characters as representing spiritual principles but is it right to ascribe the characteristics of characters to the spiritual principles? Can the soul be tricked?, dismembered, reintegrated? Etc? Your statement implies the soul forgot and that is an action it supposedly performed; later it was dismembered so did it do that to itself?

If the soul can forget itself and be dismembered, can spirit be circumscribed?

Based on your statement in #2

“That we would remain lost to ourselves without divine intuition. We would remain lifeless without intuitional wisdom, and without the relentless pursuit of this wisdom to have us whole again, and living in eternity. Living In pieces, not living in Peace. 

Aset knew about timing, she knew how long to wait before the soul was ready for redemption. She knew where to find the Pillar of Asar, what kind of sensory is that anyway? The aroma of the wood? Divine Navigation?”


A question: Can Aset know to do all these things or was it Aset who knew how to do all those things?

If your following statement is correct:

“She is the symbol of the Divine Mother, she is nurturing, caring, she is first teacher. Intuitional Wisdom nurtures and nourishes our lives. She is the Tree of Life.”

Then how can a tree of life be a nurturer and nourish-er of our life and first teacher, a symbol of Divine Mother?

Is this analogy, metaphor, myth, metaphysics and or poetry?

To know which and when to apply or not is the art of philosophy and mysticism.

This posting is a good sample for such a discussion.