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noon day worship picture from video


The importance of the three-fold worship and at the very least, daily observance, cannot be overstated. Firstly, it relates to the idea of the phases of Ra during each day. That relates to the three-fold nature of Creation and the three aspects of human conscious awareness and interaction with nature. This interaction relates to the teaching of transcendental consciousness that lies beyond that trinity. Thus as you have stated, “remind myself of who I truly am,”—reminding oneself of who one truly is occurs ritually as in the three fold worship. It occurs in feeling and thinking that lead to a meditative state of awareness. So it is important to infuse into one’s day the at minimum, remembrance of the three-fold worship daily program so as to spiritualize the mountainous other remembrances that occur throughout a day that relate to non-specifically spiritual thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. This process of daily spiritualization affords the opportunity of progressing on the spiritual path and when used in conjunction with study and reflection on the teaching guided by competent leadership, the ritual of daily worship becomes a powerful tool for spiritual evolution.