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The lesson this week was about Sema Tawi and the disciplines involved. I think a big take away from this week was that Yoga is more than an excercise, it is all encompassing of spirituality. It is the engine of Shetaut Neter. There are several different forms of yoga (Yoga of Wisdom, of devotional love, of meditation, physical posture yoga, of selfless action, tantric yoga, and serpent power yoga).
This week was very helpful because it tied a lot of things together for me. I was uncertain of the form of Egyptian Yoga because it seemed like there were many names and I thought they were all separate components or forms of Shetaut Neter but they all come back to the same meaning or stance: Egyptian Yoga. Understanding the steps/disciplines helped open my mind to a better concept/grasp of Shetaut Neter as well.

-Sema = Yoga Tawai = 2 lands of Egypt
-Nubian King, Taharta, acting as king of Nubia and Kemet (painted red)
-Jhuti & Heru crown an Egyptian King & red was used for a Greek. Red cannot be used to determine the color of the people. If Kemetian people, you are depicted as red.
-There are paintings of styalized=as they are, idealized=as they were depicted
-King Mutenhotep = founded Middle Kingdom (He is Nubian), ancestor of King Set Usert (extended the borders of Kemet to China)
-Sema & Yoga are sinonimous
-Sema is like the engine of Shetaut Neter, it is what makes it run
-Sema/Yoga – the concept of uniting the lower & higher self (to yolk)
-Yoga of Wisdom, Yoga of Devotional Love, Yoga of Meditation, Physical Posture Yoga, Yoga of Selfless Action, Tantric Yoga, Serpent Power Yoga
-Any Yoga you perform is affecting the serpent power within yourself
-Set is egoism & what leads to all the fetters of your life
-the Shedy Disciplines are the Sema Disciplines
-The Shedy = the teaching & discovering the mysteries
-WHO you are goes beyond WHAT you are
-The Great Truths are presumed thru 4 disciplines in 3 steps
Sedjun Shedy=Listening to the teachings, Ary Shedy=Acting Ritously, Ushet Shedy=Acting Ritously, Uaa Shedy=Meditation on the Divine
-Listen to the teachings, learn the myths, act and live by truth (Ma’at), devotion to the divine
-the ultimate discipline allows one to transcend time and space and is known as the Great Truth
-Shedy Discipline 1: Listening to the Teachings – Listen to the teachings of the different traditions
-Shedy Discipline 2: Right Action – Arit Maatu = Doing Good Deeds
-Shedy Discipline 3: Devotion – Ushet: worship/devotion to the divine, Sema Pat Neteru: poses to the divine, Arit: offering a divine offering & a peace offering
-Shedy Discipline 4: Meditation – the practice meditation, the hyroglyphic text for the Glorious Light Meditation occurs earlier than anywhere in the world (1350 BCE)
-there are 2 aspects of devotional practice
-The disciplines that make Shetaut Neter effective: The Heart of Sema Tawi- Men & Women are to become God-like thru a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit thru scientific knowledge, practice, and bodily discipline -Ancient Kemetic Proverb
-Physical Yoga Disciplines: 1st posture is the Sphinx (10,000 BCE), they reenact the the myth of the divinities, all of the Shedy disciplines come together during physical yoga
-When the 3rd eye opens all the knowledge of the nature and the heavens open up to you
-Integral (Wholistic) Yoga: leads to peace thru ritousness, leads to 1 goal-self knowledge

1. How does the serpent power work? In most of the teachings the serpent is who we are fending off (boat scene), but in the head dress and in the disciplines we speak of the serpent.

2. In search of the Glorious Light, are there different levels that you reach or is it all encompassing? I hear some say they feel inner peace or have their third eye open but they are still practicing to attain higher levels. How can you separate this from the charlatans?

3. Is physical yoga in Shetaut Neter practiced differently than that which is taught in the west? How can I be taught in this way?