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Indeed, the compilation of the Great Truths of Shetaut Neter represent a compilation and essential concentrated compacted, as if, seed from which if sprouted in the heart and mind, allow a fantastic tree of wisdom and divinity to unfold. Each profound statement flows from the previous, including the first which flows from a void which conscious awareness arises from into a fourfold conceptual matrix of existence and its relationship to human existence and consciousness. There is a lecture where the teaching of the Great Truths was concentrated upon exclusively and the wisdom was elucidated.



The teaching of reenactment also relates to the ideal of emulation and shifting identification from the individual and ego to ascension to the company with Neteru or divinities whose principles reflect aspects of our own divinity. That goal requires more than mere reenactment but rather reenactment with the wisdom and feeling content founded in ethical conscience (Maat) that affords the possibility of stepping into the roles of the reenactment and not getting lost in those as if in a trance but rather discovering those natures within through the act of them as opposed to the act of life as a ignorant egoistic human, which reinforce and support that lower level of conscious awareness and thus lead to ignorance and degradation of life. For, all human life that is not growing towards divinity is experiencing a level of degradation which increases with the particular level of deviation from the truth represented by the reenactment. In this way the temple ritual serves as a model for right living and aspiration for what is innately discover-able in the depths of a personality in which those divine natures have been subsumed due to the layers of egoism and degraded experiences throughout lifetimes.


Papyrus Ani – Reenactment of HETEP Offering to the Divine


Additional Reference resource:
Temple Ritual

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