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an nemu nemu - without motion

From the teachings of the Temple of Aset




Indeed, the key point is that motion impacts the unaware mind in such a way that it creates an illusion of existence that impacts on the ego overwhelmed mind in a way that appears like the ego mind itself. The key term here is “like”. The outside moving world of time and space is as if a reflection of what is going on in the mind, i.e. motion of apparent objects interacting with each-other (thoughts and desires) that interact with an identified personality (ego that has identified itself as an individual entity).

That interaction in an environment of thoughtlessness, (i.e. an environment in the mind such that there is no thought about the deeper essence of reality) fosters a feeling that the identified ego personality and the outside world are realities in and of themselves (as opposed to fleeting apparent events) and this delusion of internal and external is the predicament of most human beings that leads to sorrows of life and indefinite reincarnations into many lifetimes.

Therefore, the antidote, as explained in the temple of Aset, is an nemu nemu – which means “no wiggle wiggle” (as in the movements of a snake or lizard) i.e. no movements. If the personality were to be trained in this fashion and physically, mentally stopped, then the underlying unmoving spirit would become self-evident and enlightenment (Nehast) would ensue.