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Video—Intro to SN Short Part 1bmp4

The video provides an introduction to Shetaut Neter and includes the following main points

1) Western civilization has historically denigrated Egyptian culture and spirituality even though this is the origins or roots of all cultures and religious philosophy.
2) As an organization, Neterianism is divided into two segments a) Sema Institute which focuses on education and dissemination of the teachings and b) the Temple of Asar which focuses on worship and devotion
3) History of Kemet as the origin of civilization is evidenced by the existence of the Sphinx documented to be over 10,000 years BC (predynastic era). After this period we see evidence of other religions emerging 2500 BC in Indus Valley; 1500 BC the emergence of Aryan culture in India (Vedas); 3200 BC Sumerian culture; 2500-200BC BC Judaism and Hinduism, Buddhism etc.
4) The fact that all these religions emerged within a 100 year span which coincided with the invasion of Kemet, resulted in the migration an d spread of Kemetic culture
5)Nubian and Kemetic people are distinguished by there head-dress
6)The founder of Neterianism is Lord Khepri who emerged from the primeval ocean the vibrating waves of which produced creation
7)Shetaut Neter is the name for Neterian spirituality (Shetaut means hidden and Neter means Divinity); Shemsu means follower—acting like/becoming like the neter (constituting the bases of the mystery)
Neter—all encompassing divinity and Neteru–Gods and Goddesses—referred to as polythesistic monotheism—one supreme divinity manifesting in different forms “in creation” (as distinguished from western religions whose divinities are placed outside of creation).
8)The purpose of life is to redeem our personalities so that we will be able to achieve transcendence and be able to enter the netherwold after death, where we will find true peace and justice. We must live for that which is enduring and permanent which is our souls, everything else being illusionary and the cause of our suffering
9) The 3 stages of religion are:
a)Myth—-the story of creation and who we are and our purpose in life
b) Ritual—-process by which we bring the myth to life allowing us to connect with our divine selves
c) Mysticism—where we live the myth and become one with the divinities
Most important myth is the Asarian resurrection/Nehast or enlightenment is the ultimate goal of Neterian culture
10)Neterian spirituality have different traditions i.e. Asar, Aset, Heru but all have in common that of connecting to the divine
11)4 Great truths
a)Neberger manifest in all things
b)Lack of righteousness leads to ignorance
c)Devotion to the divine leads to liberation
d)Practicing Shedy leads to True of Speech (life of virtue)
12)Within Neterianism emphasis is placed on balanace between male and female
13)Sema Tawi–Egyptian Yoga (Uniting of upper self–Heru-Sun and lower self–Set-moon)
14)Shedy Disciplines may best be thought of as integrated system incorporating intellect (wisdom), emotion (devotion), Will (meditation) action (service)

I particularly like how this system of spirituality is grounded in our psychology and the notion that through knowing ourselves we come to know the divine. For anyone who loves the study of psychology as it is presented here will naturally love the Neterian system of spirituality which provides a clear road map or template for self discovery and recovery