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Dua Sebai Maa for the clarifications and insights provided within the reply. Regarding the word incommensurable, I confirm it is indeed incomparable. I note very well that the issue of suffering might have happened in previous life and therefore, somoene my be born already a Sage. One key aspect of the feedback points to the fact that spiritual process instead of attempting to dissovle ignorance, will actually dissolve it as it is designed for that purpose. Also, i noted the aspect that life is also experienced not only through the senses but, through the mind as well. Extreme confidence needs to be with experience otherwise, it may lead to fanatical practice. Also, before intuitional realaization, there can be understanding of spiritual progress which can manifest with deeper level of inner peace, more dispassion and higher spiritual sensitivity. I also noted the aspect that the generation of Positive Arius starts externally to create new impressions on the unconscious mind. Even positive realizations are to be considered within their relative and illusory aspect and therefore, one should not be attached to them. On a final note, i can relate to the aspirational aspect of the essay and the difficulties one may face to actually realize them.

Dua once again for the feedback that clarifies my understanding further.