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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson 22, Interaction Assignment (Response to Post #7370, attached to original post #7276)

In response to Anthony’s post for this lesson, Sebai Maa wrote, “Seating in the teachings… means being firmly of the conviction of the truth of the teaching and that informs, strengthens and impels the capacity to act in accord with what the teaching prescribes and that is the source of the capacity to attain success on the spiritual path.”

Personally, I feel convinced of the truth of the philosophy and teachings of Shetaut Neter. I have made a number of adjustments during the course of my study, and can feel the results. I do, however, still have some adjustments I will need to make. I love the Nuk pu Nuk meditation because I can see myself as already victorious, and having fully expelled negative qualities such as fear, anxiety, e.t.c. I look forward to continuing to study and implement the teachings, and progressing along the path to enlightenment.