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Limits of Faith A book by Dr. Muata Ashby


A good listing of the subjects covered. I will expand on a few points and then go to your questions.

Not all African Traditional Religions hold the ideal that God and the Universe are One but generally speaking that can be regarded as a feature of African Traditional religions. Ancient Egyptian is the oldest known fully developed African or Human religion and it indeed holds that tenet.

The myth of Asar was not the most important in terms of value but in terms of proliferation and its widespread usage. Other myths of Ancient Egypt can be regarded as being as equal in terms of mystic wisdom. The Asarian myth is the longest and touched more people than many others.

I would qualify your statement: “Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism have a level of mysticism” by pointing out that as practiced today, orthodox Christianity, Islam and Judaism DO NOT have a mystic level. What happens is that offshoots of these traditions exist separately and that tiny minority does seek to practice those religions in a mystic way. So for Christianity you have the Gnostic Christians, for Islam the Sufis, and for Judaism the Kabbalah.

About the HETEP offering table, it contains a “haunch” or thigh and not a “haunt.”

About the statement “-Mortals are judged by deeds” – THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE SINCE MORTALS ARE JUDGED BY DEEDS. However the actual statement or proverb reads “Morals” are judged by deeds.

  1. Indeed, it is possible to experience other realms, low or high, and not be aware of it or be aware of it but not know how to make sense of it. It is possible to reach some of those realms and be harmed by the experience due to ignorance and fears. So it is important to develop oneself through study and practice of the teaching along with expert guidance, as one seeks to experience the higher realms.
  2. Money in itself is an instrument that can be used for good or evil. The harm or good in wanting of money depends on the ethical conscience of the person. So if there is ignorance a person can fool themselves into believing they want money for good where in reality they want ti to pursue their delusions like for example a politician saying she wants to gain money to do good for society while deep down she wants the power and comforts lifestyle for herself. If such an ethically deficient person gains the money and experiences the deeper desires that can become reinforced and lead the person down a path of intense delusion and moving away from the discovery and attainment of the purpose/calling of life. Therefore it is best to seek wisdom and guidance while engaging the world so as to have a better chance to stay on a righteous path of life.