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Bastu Baket

Reply to Sebai Maa’s Post #7504 feedback from TTOA Lesson 10

Dua Sebai Maa for expounding further on the term “pert” and its important significance not only in the literal but also the metaphorical sense. I especially liked, “If a person becomes enlightened their mind is like that dark room and the light of spirit [Akhu] is said to go in (as will be discussed in the short lecture series of the Amun Witnessing Consciousness Reflection and Meditation System) but there is no coming out into a physical light.It is a metaphor relating to what happens when the personality becomes illuminated with self-knowledge, like when a person remembers something they were trying hard for a long time to remember. Where did the ignorance go? And wasn’t the memory always there but just temporarily lost/misplaced/forgotten?

That paragraph brought me to thinking of the Djehuty/Hetheru myth of how Hetheru was always Divine in nature just simply forgot but through the teachings and humble nature of Djehuty (the heart of Ra) he was able to allow her to remember her Divine Self. That allowed me to reflect deeper on what we are trying to “remember” it is always there just merely forgotten. You also gave us the way to remember, the turning on the light switch with the Shedy process and purity to then experience our Divine Nature. Just as Aset needed to experience herself as Divine as well, so too do we.

Shems Baket