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Answers: Afrikan civilization, Religion and Philosophy was the main topic:
What was the down fall fall of Kemet? One of the main reason of the down fall of Kemet was forgetfulness; of the original way of life within the pre-dynasty. In the Kemet culture men and women had a equal state in the society under the Ma’at system.
Old Kingdom/ pre-dynasty started around 10,000; middle kingdom started around 3,000; New kingdom started around 1,900; Late kingdom started around 1,000.
By mastering the Kemet teachings you’ll have a deeper overstanding of self and be empowered.
The Kemet temple was the center of agriculture, spirituality, and Education.
Shetaut Neter is the only term for the word religion.
Three principles of basic needs of a balance society is Ma’at system of food, shelter, boat; Love, Health, Mental and Physical nutriments, Peace of mind, Opportunity Education; which all of this made it possible through the Ma’at principles.
It’s important to have proper education and resources.
Kemet temple was the center of agriculture, spirituality and Education.
Questions: What are the colors of each deities of the spheres on the tree to wear them throughout the week to represent the God’s and Goddess?
What are the Kemet holiday’s?
Do we post to fast every full n New moon showing?
Do we fast every three days of every soloist season change?
What is the proper way of setting up my alter and each pray that needs to be said step by step?
how do I called on the god’s and goddess to help me on my journey?
what incense should be used during worshipping?
Peace and Love!