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Lesson 3 Kemet 101

Culture Expression Factors, reflects the ways society expresses itself. These factors are the underlying essence of culture, a way for human beings to exist in the world in time and space here and now.

You cannot exist without culture, nor can you exist without the ego. My very existence in the world requires a willingness to understand the world as well as how culture expression factors are expressed in the world. How I view the reality of my world brings me to the awareness of the question, is my culture righteous? are my beliefs in alignment of the true nature of who I am or is it ego driven?

Categories of Culture Expression:
Art; design (layout composition-style and patterns
Language speech patterns – colloquialisms (conference conversation “speaking together” – etc.
Myth and Mythological Motif (subject matter)

These Factors Can Be Further Subdivided into The Following Factors

Evidence of Contact
Farm Architecture
Function – Usage
Myth Plot Motif
Ritual and or Tradition
Historical Events

How I view my reality and its relativity to the world around me are based on how I am relating to the physical and nonphysical realm, what is my perception of what I am seeing now?, is what I am seeing real? What is the absolute truth? What is the absolute essential nature of objects which transcends their physical form?

All human beings in their awakening process of the absolute truth ask the questions, “who am I and what is my purpose? We are all seeking the same thing? In seeking the answer to these questions, we find ourselves choosing different paths to bring us out of the darkness (ignorance), the illusion of what is not vs the reality of what is absolute truth.

The path of awakening to the absolute truth, can be sought out in different ways, in studying different cultures, religious philosophy, spiritual beliefs, and modalities. Through these studies one begins to see patterns emerging from culture expression factors and the subcultures in the evidence of contact factors.

The emergence of patterns through contact factors can be seen in Kemet and other African cultures, including India, Greece etc. These patterns when seen in two cultures practicing three or four evidence contact factors that go beyond ordinary chances allows us to exam each more closely. Here is where we discover the similarities of Kush, Kemet and Nubian cultures. In doing so, we begin to discover the truth, “Absolute abstract of self” as it relates to the oneness of, we are all one, coming from the same source.