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Arit Neter S

TTOA Lesson 1
1. from response in 2015, with a few additions
: Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth

The other participants have done a thorough job of retelling the story and chain of events. From the historical record.

Here is another perspective. The Rising of the Boat created great waves which led to the creation of Cosmic Forms and Forces. Soon Divinities, Gods and Goddesses, came into Being. One Moment in Eternity, the Soul forgot It’s true identity, and was tricked by the subconscious mind. Out of this encounter, true discrimination was born. However, During this weak moment, the Ego launched an attack. The first time, the soul was attacked, the Divine Intuition was relentless in her search and brought the Soul back to life, back to where it regained knowledge of itself and true nature. In this moment, The Redemption of the Soul was created. However, in this moment of gladness, again, the Ego was able to launch another attack. This time, the Soul not only forgot itself, it was dismembered. The Healing and Loving Compassion of the Divine Mother, the Power of intuition was relentless in her search to help the Soul re-member itself. This was accomplished, however, the soul had to release attachment to the physical realm in order to live and to be free.

The Redemption of the soul had to wait until the right moment to fight the ego, and restore the soul and eternal life to divine right order. In the End, the Soul was Redeemed, not because it was stronger or had stronger weapons, but because it is the Natural Order of Nature. The battle was won by staying calm and in control of emotions and with the assistance of the Cosmic Forces.

2. What are the main take aways from the Asarian Resurrection myth, the important teachings to remember?

The main take aways are as follows
When knowledge of Self is lost, when Divinity is forgotten, in moments of happiness or suffering, or in between, Divine Intuition will bring you back to higher consciousness. Can return to your Seat on the Throne. Inner Peace. Recalling or reclaiming one’s Divinity in the midst of adversity can be achieved wit Divine Wisdom. Ability to remain calm and wisdom to achieve victory over Apep and other demonic forces or typhonic things..
It is the Love and Compassion of the Divine Mother, Divine Intuitional Wisdom and Healing Words of Power, that allows us to find our way back home, to our spiritual eternal center. “Relentless Pursuit of putting the Soul back together” quoting Sebai Maa. She never gives up on us, even if we do.
Chanting sacred words of power is a powerful way to command cosmic forces rather than become a slave to them. We truly create our reality in this illusion, with our words and our thoughts. This is the Power of Aset, and this is our Power. However, human beings often misuse this power or take advantage of it, or worse, we don’t even use it, we are used by it, and give our power to others, that use this power against us.
Set is not evil, not the Devil. Set is the Ego and can be controlled and can work for The Greatest Good. Victory over the Ego can be achieved with Divine Intuition.
Asar is the Resurrection, Aset is the POWER of the Resurrection. Heru is the Redemption of the Soul, Aset is the MOTHER AND TEACHER of the Redemption. “Intuitional Wisdom Resurrects the Soul”.

3. Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time, A-what have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection? And B-what do you make of her character, her personality?

Based on the video lecture, and my current understanding at this time, what I have discovered so far about the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of the Asarian Resurrection is that without intuitional wisdom, there is no resurrection or redemption of the soul. That we would remain lost to ourselves without divine intuition. We would remain lifeless without intuitional wisdom, and without the relentless pursuit of this wisdom to have us whole again, and living in eternity. Living In pieces, not living in Peace. 

Aset knew about timing, she knew how long to wait before the soul was ready for redemption. She knew where to find the Pillar of Asar, what kind of sensory is that anyway? The aroma of the wood? Divine Navigation? That was intuition. 

Also, Aset knew what chants to recite at the right moment, in the right way. She knew how to shift frequencies and vibrations using sound. The role of the healing words of power, or healing sounds of music, is crucial to the power of the soul on this spiritual journey. 

Based on the video lecture, and your current understanding at this time, what do I make of her character and personality: Aset is relentless in her pursuit and her efforts, focused, determined to win, secretive, mysterious, loving, magical, victorious, courageous, self trusting. powerful, knowing, expresses emotions well, then moves onward. She is the symbol of the Divine Mother, she is nurturing, caring, she is first teacher. Intuitional Wisdom nurtures and nourishes our lives. She is the Tree of Life.

Dua Aset