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The most important aspect that was mentioned several times throughout the lecture was that there are 3 parts to religion and we need to have all three present to have a complete practice. 1. Myth 2. Rituals 3. Mysticism. It seems that most religions are missing the 3rd part of this and is the cause of so much conflict in the world we live. It is important to mention as well that the main fabric behind African religion is that God and the Universe are One. The purpose of religion is to become one with the divinity.

The second video discussed in detail that devotion is needed for the practice of Shetaut Neter. With devotion comes freedom. In order to advance through the levels all parts must be practiced to reach all 4 levels. All of the disciplines within Shetaut Neter are to help you discover self. The most important myth is The Myth of Asar.

-God and the Univers = One
-in other religions w/ creation > the cause is separate from the affect
-3 steps in complete practice/religion: 1. Myth, 2. Rituals, 3. Mysticism
*all religion should lead to mysticism
-Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism have a level of mysticism
-Main goal of religion is to become one w/ the divinity
-All religions are designed to get you to a mystic level – thru what they represent (they are the way) and can reach peace/harmony
-The myth serves the purpose: in western religion this has become the lie
-how do we understand the myth:
*the myth is not a lie
*myth & metaphor are closely related
*myth is giving you a kind of image of existence in creations
*myths are not just for the ancients
*these are transcendental principles that are true for the past/present/future
*the people in the story are metaphors for you/us
*we all have this level of consciousness in us
*you must live the myth to reach transcendence
*virtue is what the ritual leads us to
*myths are not just for entertainment
-Formal ritual – Ceremony / informal ritual = not during formal rituals
-when a myth is being practiced you are coming into a physical, mental, spiritual level from the ritual
-Rhetoric is a part of western philosophy – the art/language of confusion
-the myth allows us to put the pieces together = understanding
-3 main types of myths: 1. Creation, 2. Heroic, 3. Moral Teachings
-Common principles in African Religion:
*the Supreme Being > lesser beings (from the one there are many)
-Candle lighting: is the Aku (spirit)-lighting the spirit in yourself
-lighting the incense: the land of Kush, also represents your personality and you burn that & offer it to the gods
-libations: a continuous pour represents a continuous thought toward the divine
-a chant offering is given (Heka)-words of power
-when you do something 4 times it is all encompassing (North, East, South, West)
-offering table has the following: rolled up mat, a loaf of bread, a haunt of beef, and a haunt of goose (beef = male / goose = female)
-Shetaut=Hidden, Neter=Divine > the hidden way if the divine self
-3 sections of the temple:
*Mortals, Initiates, Those who have received the light
-Mortals are judged by deeds
-Spirit is the constant
-All the disciplines are to help you discover self “Know Thyself”
-unritousness leads to the fetters of Set and that leads to ignorance
-the path of Ma’at sends you on the path of ritousness
-Uashu = devotion to the divine > devotion leads to freedom
-in order to break thru the glass ceiling (realms) all parts of the practice must be used/followed
-The most important Myth I’d the Myth of Asar

1. Is it possible to have been in other realms and not known the full purpose or had understanding/grasp of this? Is it dangerous to reach these levels without understanding/proper practice.

2. Is it wrong to want money for the by product of its use? Meaning someone is using it to better this world or make improvements to it? Can attaining wealth prevent you from reaching/finding your purpose/calling? I often wonder this when I see it come up.