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A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard
In this lesson number 2 the theme that really touched me is “spiritual consciousness” the essence of creation.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why
The most important awareness for my spiritual consciousness is understanding this is the essence of creation. This essence starts with the knowledge of thyself, thy history and thy purpose. This starts with understanding the history and the culture of Kemetian civilization the oldest spirituality in the world.

The Kemetic Temple’s foundation is built upon agriculture, education, social political ethics, and spirituality of religion. Upon this foundation is common folks such as skilled workers, government workers, priest/priestess and matriarchy.

This foundation gave us Prt m Hru text and Maat teaching, both expressed in the Book of Coming Forth By Day or The Egyptian Book of the Dead, 2 of the most important teaching to support my spiritual consciousness.

I learned that my spiritual consciousness can be expressed in its fullest expression when three of my basic human needs are meet, 1. Food ~ substance 2. Shelter ~ home 3. Boat ~ opportunity, these are the foundation for peace of mind. Three of the principles of maat, offers us 1. I have given food to the hunger, 2. I have given shelter to the homeless
3. I have given a boat to the boatless. The Maat culture is living an ethical life, its living a purpose driven life, a life that is built upon the foundation of spiritual consciousness.

C-Note any questions you may have
I desire to start my morning, afternoon and evening worship. Where can I find the readings as well as the instructions on creating my altar.