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FROM: Anunian Creation Myth:

Heru khent an maa-Horus formost blind-Anunian Creation scripture


Following my reply 7504 to your post 7478, I gave two forms of the Pert term. In this current post you are including another one which can be considered a third. The concept of Heru “coming forth” relates to the challenge of heru and Set, that every aspirant needs to face. The aspirant needs to come forth out of blindness [this is a stage of Heru called Heru Khent An Maa / Horus the Foremost Blind]. From the blind state that a person has been born into, blindness meaning existing in the darkness of ignorance, from there the aspirant is to come forth to the battle with Set [egoism] but after being prepared by Aset and having his eyes healed by Lord Djehuty (left eye-intellect) and Lady Hetheru (right eye-sekhem life force).

Armed with the fortitude afforded by Aset (as you have stated: the antet begag, an chen, and khak ab along with creating a Taffy Shepsy) and with fully bright intellect and fully available life force not encumbered and misdirected by delusion (delusion of Sekhemit) then the aspirant is armed with the necessary tools to engage in the struggle which in the beginning is literal but develops through wisdom to be recognized as a metaphoric struggle which in the end is realized as no battle and in fact nothing since Set is a projection of ignorant aryu. When the work of cleansing aryu is successful, the basis for Set is removed and what was recognized as a struggle or battle is identified as a misapprehension that no longer applies and therefore there is nothing left to do about it, the light in the room was turned on and the darkness went away to no one knows where…

Dua for the kind words about the course and the teaching.