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Bastu Akhu

Reply to Shems Baket post #6936 & 7012 and Sebai’s post #6950

Dua Shems Baket and Sebai Maa for this post. I particularly resonated with the paragraph in Sebai’s post #6950 where he mentioned that one can work with the physical (lower) aspects of the personality (ren, khat, ka) and at the same time transform the aryu by sublimating negative experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires etc and replacing them with positive ones. As Sebai further states “… thus cause a cleansing and transforming process in the unconscious aryu and thereby allow to emerge the placid mind that will enter into an nemu-nemu spontaneously during formal and or informal meditation times.” I found this and the follow up by Shems Baket citing Sebai in post #7012 very insightful in the understanding of the process of the taffy shepsy and how it relates to cleansing, “…At the same time of this construction there is a purification of the aryu in the ab that is occurring because of the process. This leads to the goal.” I found this truly profound as it reminded me of one of the four great truths ” Ari shedy Rekh ab m Maakheru” – The practice of the Shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the Divine. This is called being true of speech. As Shems Baket added, shedy is the formula, it is indeed the practice that leads to the goal and I gather that the practice is the same as the process. This leads to a natural expansion of consciousness or unfolding of the taffy shepsy because as Sebai said, the conscious mind can’t force the unconscious mind to behave if its impure.


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