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Bastu Baket

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Dua Shems Heryt for sharing your “aha” moment. I also find it almost humorous as I believe “aha” in Kemetic means “standing.” So I “stand” with you also in your understanding of the word “nedjemnedjemyu” Dua also for Sebai Maa in explaining the flip side that the nedjemnedjemyu movement (horizontal) is in opposition of the movement of the Taffy Shepsy,(vertical). I’m also in agreeement with what Seba Dja had brought out too, she appreciated your insight in finding the word like a rollercoaster, with its up and down, and sweetness to sour and how we need to maintain a sense of balance and not allow the sweetness/sourness, ups/downs to affect sight and goal of the Higher Self.

Dua again for your graceful and poetic expressions.
Shems Baket