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Welcome to this program of sharing and growing in the knowledge of Self.

Even though you may not have any questions yet your enthusiasm and positive capacity for the teachings is palpable. Indeed, this program is dedicated to persons such as yourself who are ready to explore and tread the path of “know Thyself” [Rech m Ab].

Be sure to read other posts by other students and my replies to them and many questions will be answered even before you might know that you had them. Here also you will discover many fascinating aspects of the teaching that do not occur in the books or videos since this particular format of exchange of knowledge must occur in this or similar kind of meeting place (be it online or in person); so a Q and A session helps to arrive at higher understanding of the teachings after certain lectures and studies have been engaged. So this is a unique format that is only done in this way for the Kemetic wisdom, here in this place; so it is hoped that you will enjoy and grow from the experiences.