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Bastu Baket

Lesson 10 Video/Webinar Assignment
!. List the important points covered in this lecture.

Sebai Maa gave us some points that he wanted to give further nuances as to the Chet n Ankh – Fire of Life and the Nafu n Ankh – Breath of Life and how you can’t have physical life without Soul first. in reference to seeking answers in the world he stated you have limited senses so you need philosophy and study, reflection and meditation practicing the Shedy disciplines.

Lesson 10 with Verses from 97-119, gives us the culmination and conclusion of the Teachings of the Temple of Aset. It begins with Ra still trying to dissuade Aset with his litany of his attributes of the things he has created. But still Aset was resolute and allowed the poison to delve deeper and not retreat. She continues to plead with him to tell her his Divine Name and as Sebai Maa said, she is pressing the issue, no breaks, nothing to relieve his pain.

In Verses 99 and 100 Aset avers that the poison is removed and life is restored to a person when they affirm it, when they unequivocally state their name! So for me this poison that is removed (the illusions of the world) is an understanding of one’s true nature and knowing and experiencing the Divine Essence. Sebai Maa stated that desires, feelings thoughts etc. are blocking you, they have become opaque (poison) so you can’t see your higher aspects of your personality. But a deeper process is needed to poison the illusion the world and get to the Source. That is the hallmark of Aset, using the antet begag, an chen, and khak ab along with creating a Taffy Shepsy, and non-movement with purity of heart to pierce the worldly illusion of Ra, then you can know your Divine Nature through experiencing it without ego blocking your vision.

With Verses 102,103,104,105 and 106 finally we see Ra conceding and gives himself over to be freely looked through without obstruction but it cannot be within the time and space reality, Aset must enter the Anrutef region with her one pointedness in meditation as his name is hidden within his body. Sebai Maa explained the name is knowing, being self and cannot be verbalized, Ra is hidden. Here we were given depictions of Ra in his boat, but now hidden in his boat. So as Sebai Maa explained Ra becomes hidden in his Gods and Goddesses, creation continues but there is no more delusions. One may ask why is there no more delusions? Aset has cleared the way and gone to the Source, experienced the Essence of who she truly is, so the delusions are now dispelled. But now living in the time and space reality with Dual Consciousness. The delusion of worldly time and space has been clearly seen as well as the abiding reality.

Which now leads us to the part of the teachings where Aset now is making a pact with Ra about a future time and birth of her son Heru when he will need to come forth. She is speaking about future generations and how they will also need to experience their Divine Nature and is requesting Ra to give his 2 eyes to Heru, the aspirant, so they may experience and realize who they truly are. Aset alludes to the time of Creation “zep tepy” and how an aspirant will experience that also when becoming enlightened.

Aset declares that she has done this, she who in the beginning of the scriptures was described as a woman, had caused the poison to come forth, to fall to ground, to enter Ra’s body to become One with him and now is described as Divine. She made a pact with Ra for Heru and when the time comes Ra will assist Heru.

In the concluding verses Aset gives instructions on how these verses as a ritual are to be spoken over an image of Temu, Heru Hekhenu, Heru and Aset, here Sebai Maa showed the Aset Meditation poster.


It is very hard to describe the deep and extraordinary gratitude I have for Goddess Aset “pert” coming forth as Sebai Maa with giving and explaining these most Nefer teachings in depth that allows us to follow what Aset did as a woman and have the capacity to come forth as Divinity. She/he provided the road map. May we as aspirants, all be blessed on our journey along the road to enlightenment with the willingness, knowledge, relentless pursuit to achieve this lofty goal of life.

Dua ent Aset Hetheru Mut Neter
Nebt pet henut abot ityt Neteru

Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja!
Merri Aset,
Shems Baket