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Please review your answer to Question #7 that you can find in the book on page #25

About your Remarkable point:

Indeed, the constant cleaning of the Sphinx enclosure is a analogy for ordinary human existence. Just as a person must bathe regularly and eat regularly and breathe regularly etc., so to it is necessary to continually remove the cobwebs in the mind that form based on encrusted egoistic aryu. That which caused the intellect to become atrophied and the body to be diseased needs to be constantly cleansed and purified and maintained cleared of obstructions so as to facilitate the spiritual growth.
Once the goal of spiritual growth has been attained, then it does not matter what the external conditions are since effectively the personality has reached a place where such will not affect the attainment of higher consciousness.
Nevertheless, a person who lives life with a cleansing shedy regimen before attaining enlightenment does not suddenly drop that upon attaining enlightenment. The practices continue out of good habit and also for allowing that person to be serviceable to humanity as a source of knowledge and wisdom for those still progressing. This is how divine grace extends from the Divine Self through sages, priests and priestesses for the benefit of humanity.



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