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1 of 2-Intro To The Egyptian Yoga Book Series London 2015-by Muata Ashby

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard
Throughout this video there are two themes that I enjoyed; the importance of spiritual disciplines and the books mention, that support the aspirants (me) progressing into knowing myself.

I listen and heard, “true religion has 3 stages, teachings, mysticism, and rituals.” The journey of “knowing thyself” begins with a daily commitment to all 3 stages. Spiritual disciplines such as wisdom, meditation and devotion can be expressed through studying, listening and reflecting on each discipline. This reflection supports my purifying my mind, heart and intellect.

I learned of a few of the Ancient Egyptians daily devotional practice;
Altars at home and in the temples
Ra has 3 phases morning, afternoon and evening an expression of all 3 phases is daily worshiping by aspirant three times a day
Spiritual daily practice of devotion can include bath, lighting candles, lighting incense, recite four great truths, chanting, study of scriptures, meditation and offering.

I enjoyed learning about the books Dr. Muata Ashby has written to support Shedy disciplines for aspirants as myself such as, Initiation intro Yoga and Neterian Spirituality Workbook for Beginning and Advancing Aspirants, The God of Love; The Path of Devine Love, Devotional Worship Book of Shetaut Neter and many other books.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why
I humbly believe all daily spiritual and devotional practices expressed in the video as well as the books are important for the aspirant to progress into “knowing thyself”.

C-Note any questions you may have
At this moment, I have not questions to ask, thank you.


2 of 2 – Introduction to Ancient African Civilization

A-Take notes on the most important themes you heard
The themes I notice in this video is spiritual consciousness and philosophy of spiritual awareness of an individual within a culture and a civilization. “The purpose of culture is to give a window on reality”. “Civilization is an expression of a culture that is beneficial, righteous and cares for humanity”.

Dr. Ashby spoke about the perennial philosophy, prior to this class I had no knowledge of perennial philosophy so I research and found it to be a perspective within the philosophy of religion which views each world religion as sharing a single, universal truth from which all esoteric and exoteric knowledge and doctrine expressed in all cultures. One of these truths are “know thyself”, to know thyself beyond one’s culture progresses one from a “manufactory reality” to a higher reality. One of the symbols Dr. Ashby shared in his slide presentation of higher reality is the Sphinx temple in Egypt. Dr. Ashby shared, the human head position over the lion’s body represented philosophy of spiritual awareness, spiritual consciousness. This reflected the mastering of one’s higher self from one’s lower self.

My desire to know myself through my daily devotional practice will support me in becoming spiritually conscious and aware of the reality outside of my culture. This conscious awareness is my higher self, my true authentic self.

B-Note which one you thought was most important and why
“Know thyself”, this is a universal truth. I believe this is the foundation of spiritual growth.

C-Note any questions you may have
Not at this time, thank you