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Bastu Baket

TTOA Lesson 10
Reading Assignment

Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

While the term “pery or pert” meaning coming forth is found elsewhere in the scripture, in the verses covered in Lesson 10 I found it plentiful and particularly meaningful. It is found in several verses beginning with Verse 99, 103, 106, 110 and 111. With each instance in this lesson it is a coming forth of something different.

In Verse 99 Aset is proclaiming “The poison is removed (come forth) to a person when they affirm it, when they unequivocally state their name!” Such a powerful statement when understood correctly as Aset knows the poison is coming forth and out so the Divine Name, Divine Nature can now be revealed.

With Verses 103/104 Ra states finally, “My name shall come forth which is in my body and it shall pass to the body of Aset, for it cannot be spoken with words since there are no words that can describe it or contain it.” So the ego aspect of Ra is now dispelled and Aset can now experience the abiding, transcendental aspect of Ra.

Verse 106 we see Aset foretelling of a coming forth. Here she is speaking of Heru who will have to do battle with Set but she has set a pact between Ra and Heru.

In Verses 110/111 Aset has caused the flow of the poison to make it come forth through Ra’s body. The eye of Heru also comes forth from the Divinity as shining gold from his mouth.

The many different instances of the “Pert” – coming forth can be the theme of Lesson 10’s verses and has a profound effect for me as this coming forth is Goddess Aset now coming forth in her Divine Nature and she has shown us the way now what will we do with that knowledge? May we have the wisdom, fortitude and willingness to follow her lead.

Shems Baket