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Nun with Boat on orig papyrus


Good answers to the questions.

Indeed, this issue of The Creation was one of the themes discussed in the lecture last weekend in South Carolina. Specifically, how the neteru emanate from Ra (Spirit in Creation) to make-up the objects of Creation and how part of Nun (undifferentiated consciousness/unformed matter) is transformed into that solid Creation. (See image above)

Taking this metaphor further, Ra applies a special spiritual energy called “khut” (will-infused (determined idea, purpose, to create a form energy) on the Nun and that causes the forms. That khut may also be thought of as the will-energy/force/power manifesting though the boat of Ra and its “movement” that causes waves (literally and figuratively) on that primeval ocean of undifferentiated consciousness to turn into differentiated consciousness (i.e. objects of the Creation). Our personality has a spark of that same creative impetus and our personality is a small boat. Sitting in that boat is our little piece of spirit nature, of Ra and we call that our soul. If we study and understand closely and practices the disciplines of shedy and cleansing of aryu and meditation we are to realize that that soul is moving but its source, the spirit, really is not moving. The soul seems to move in time and space and that gives the impressions (aryu) of being in motion and having activities and relationships but yet if the seeds of aryu that sustain motion were to be cleansed out then it would be possible to perceive the undifferentiated aspect of self and the unmoving Spirit self that underlies of Creation and is the source sustaining the movements of objects in Creation.

The symbol of a soul who has attained this level of consciousness is Asar sitting on the throne of Aset in his own boat of Creation and this scene was a signature topic at last year’s 2016 Neterian Conference. The image below is therefore as if an important mandala for reflection and meditation on this all-important topic and goal of life. The aspirational image is for aspirants to know that the boat of the soul is the movement of life and when guided as seen here by Heru, Djehuty and Maat, the soul is safe on its journey to the supreme above of Spirit being. These are the mysteries of life that you have come to learn about through this course and that knowledge deepens so too does the path to enlightenment.



Boat of Asar from Dendera with Maat and Djehuty and Heru Aset and Nebethet