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There was so much great information in this week’s course that I learned from and have been searching for. The most important piece that I found in this section was the evidence showing how other societies and religion all have traces of Egyptian Yoga tied into their belief system or have similarities to it. The key pieces to verifying this were 1.) Evidence of contact 2.) Form 3.) Function.
This was tied together in each category for Islam, Christianity, Roman gods & goddesses, Judaism, and a few others utilizing information from their own holy books, their own text/books and information from travelers and historians of the time that recorded the history. Laying out this information is vital to establishing the validity of African culture and what it has given to the world as well as showing the validity of Egyptian Yoga. Being able to show the contact that was made with each group and move from the way different design, features of artwork to the way that the gods and goddesses of these other groups were portrayed shows a direct correlation to Kemet. The part that causes frustration for me is where other groups try to argue these three strong methods of showing direct plagiarism to Kemet. It is hard to justify the understanding of ther groups even using the same arguments of Heroditus and others while ignoring the full scope of their work.
When information like this is presented it seems to be a similar argument that the brother who followed Islam had in the video.

The other piece that was important through the lecture was the introduction of the disciplines to the Kemetian religion and the information of Jhuty being the founder and the one who introduced writing to the world (Known as the Mdw Ntr). I thought this gave very light detail of information that can be further dissected and broken down for better understanding of for a new Neterian. On this same subject it is interesting to find more information in regards to Ma’at and how the 10 commandments come directly from this. It is easy to connect the dots when you see the information laid out and you know that according to the bible story that Moses was raised by the Egyptians.

Side note: I was a Mason and one of the first lessons they teach is about the different columns (i.e. Doric, Ionic, etc.)

1.) It seems that when the rulers of the time cast out the Kemetian religion it died out until the Rosetta stone was found and the Medew Netcher started to be deciphered again. What happened to thise Neterians that ended up going south when they let conquerors, essentially, have Egypt?

2.) How does one become an initiate of Egyptian Yoga and begin to immerse in the practices that are being taught here and throughout the other courses? In the lecture the naming ceremony was mentioned: Is this a part of becoming an initiate as well?

3.) I have 4 kids and a wife that I want to know this knowledge. What is the best way to present this information to them as well? The sooner I can immerse my kids in their culture, hopefully, their minds can be awakened.

4.) Many African American celebrate Kwanzaa, but my understanding is this was developed by a gentlemen in the 70’s and it was not centered around Egyptian Yoga. I have only found small material on the subject but am I correct in stating that there was a large end of year festival that took place over several days? What was it?