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Behudet Maat

Kemetic 101 Lesson 10

A.Take notes on the most important themes you heard: the discussion begin speaking about Hetheru and how she was the powerful eye of Ra and she became lost in the world and had become degraded, so much so that she was going to eat her own brother. Setjert is blood, beer and Mandrake. Blood= intoxication with the worldly desire= egoism= I am the body(flesh and blood) I eat bodies etc. Beer symbolizes intoxication with worldly pleasures= ignorance= actions seeking pleasure in the world of time and space.
Mandrake symbolizes intoxication with the bau (souls) of Ra (with fullness-infinity-peace that comes through self knowledge) so the mandrake was infused with the light of Ra and Hetheru as a result of partaking of the mandrake became enlightened having been overtaken by the light.The idea is that if you just have the blood and beer, you just have the body awareness and pleasure seeking then what do you have? The world with egoism desire greed etc. But if you add a little bit of the mandrake what you now have is a process that churns just the way it did Hetheru and leads to nehast (spiritual enlightenment). You want the sefech ba Ra to expand within you and destroy the egoism within.

The temple of Het-Neter (house of the divinity god(dess)) temple was created where the pressures of the world can be relieved and an association with something other than the worldly perspectives (i.e. with divinity) can occur
A quote by Seba Dja from star trek was given “If you’re only reality is an illusion then that illusion becomes your reality.”

In the iconography of Aset nursing Heru it symbolizes Aset 2 kinds of wisdom i.e. Intellectual and intuitional wisdom to Heru, the intuitional is actual experience which is enlightenment.

More about the temple of Het-Neter states that “Such a place and it’s teaching after needed so that the mind can become aware of higher possibilities and turn away from umt-ab “mental dullness” due to khemn ” ignorance” and be led to nehast “spiritual awakening” Akhu “enlightenment” “.

Some people just want to buy a book they don’t want a program they don’t want someone to preach to them, some people view it from an afrocentric perspective and they wanna keep it there.That’s more of the Sema institute program then there’s the shetaut neter program which deals with the priesthood, initiations and worship programs. Shetaut Neter means hidden divinity it comes out of medu neter within the kemetic text. Shetaut Neter is the tax teachings about the hidden, secret divinity (supreme being). The earliest documented (written) of term for religion.The Egyptian Mysteries has the lower Mysteries which deals with intellectual knowledge and the higher Mysteries deals with intuitional knowledge. Neterian religion of Shetaut Neter has been practiced since at least 10,000 B.C.E earlier than all traditions which came after, i.e. Indus valley around 4,000 B.C.E, Sumerian around 3,000 B.C.E, Hinduism around 1,000 B.C.E and everything else that came after that on up to Christianity.Shetaut Neter has influenced all the major world religions including African traditions and outside of Afrikan, however just because it has influenced it doesn’t make it equal to Shetaut Neter. Anyone can practice Shetaut Neter it’s not limited to any ethnicity, sex, race etc..It’s a universal teaching because everyone is the essence of the divine within Shetaut Neter teachings. The founder of Shetaut Neter is khepera and pour lineage extends from khepera to Djehuti to Asar, Aset, Heru down to the priesthood on to the common people. There’s balance between the genders within Shetaut Neter tradition so you have shu(masculine) and Tefnut (feminine) you have Geb/Nut, Asar/Aset etc.There’s no sexism wherein males would be considered higher our women considered higher there’s equality.
Shetaut Neter has sacred scriptures that are mythical, mystical and sacred wisdom texts.
In order to be successful and achieve Nehast within Shetaut Neter one must have “Shemsu Udja Shedy”- a real and powerful burning desire for following and practice of the disciplines of the spiritual teachings.

B). Western religion is missing the third part to an authentic religion which is mysticism as well traditional African Religion is also missing mysticism even though they will argue and debate that because during the rituals they are able to be inhabited by an outside entity this is not the same thing as union with the Divine which is the higher Self. I found this interesting because up until this lecture I was under the assumption that traditional African Religion did have mysticism and my misunderstanding was cleared up during the lecture.

C). Q. In the Asarian resurrection myth Asar’s phallus was swallowed by a fish. Is there any relationship between these fish and the fish that guide the boat of Ra? And is there a correlation with these fish and the zodiac sign Pisces?

Q. In this lecture it was explained that in traditional Afrikan religion they don’t have the mystical aspect for authentic religion and that possession by entities of those particular traditions is what’s being mistaken as mystical experiences. So what about the deification of the personality and taking on the qualities of the Neteru, do they possess is as well in a sense? And is there a danger in the in possession in traditional African spirituality or in dealing with the Neteru on certain levels?