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Set (ego) has been purified so it protects Spirit manifestation in time and space (Creation/Ra) from the delusion of fragmented consciousness (Apep) the opposite of Maat and Djehuty



Indeed, the “nedjemnedjemyu” has its flip side and that is the opposite of taffy shepsy or the construction of one’s person into a vertical moving serpent power that will strike at delusion and render it powerless. This opposite movement promotes multiplication of horizontal illusory ideas and pursuits of desire.

The flip side is (one name for it is) apep. Apep is the movement towards breaking down (disintegrating) the glory of truth and the joy of enlightenment. It is a process whereby delusion caused faith in what is fleeting and fragmented. For, what apep leads to is actually the opposite of the taffy shepsy but using the same bliss (unbroken happiness) of Nehast but in a patchy (like the patches of blue sky) discontinuous format. The discontinuity caused times of happiness in between times of unhappiness and the times of happiness, though fleeting, keep the personality beset with ignorance, immaturity and delusion, believing “if only” they could acquire another house, or more money or a different lover, or more children, a new president, etc., etc., etc., then there could be abiding happiness—but that never comes and will never come but the delusion continues to be sustained indefinitely as long as there is incapacity to face the truth (Maat) of life, that “searching for oneself in the world is the pursuit of illusion.”

The difference between the qualified aspirant and a worldly person is the clarity of intellect (Djehuty) whereby even before the aspirant can act righteously (Maat) they understand the nature of life and the goal of life and work to develop purity of feeling to build sufficient will to bring the personality inline with the high thoughts of lucid intellectual resolutions. Therefore, the work necessary to reach the convictions about —“Nehast vs. nedjemnedjemyu” is indeed critical and at the same time sacred and glorious, as that movement leads to freedom from the powerful pull of the physical self towards the pursuit of earthly nature, which is totally incorrect from the perspective of spirit being.

Good reflections – in view of these discussions may you tell us more about your “Aha” moment?