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Ra and the Taffy Shepsy


Indeed, “Djed n-a ren-a k” is the culmination of the operative disciplinary goal of the scripture. Everything that is done previous to this utterance is dedicated to preparing the personality both to be capable of making that utterance with true conviction and then to sustain its practice and be ready for its successful application when it derives the desired outcome of entry into Ra. This point cannot be overstated as many can make the utterance, but, how many have Ab (sufficient will) meaning clarity and purity of heart (aryu)-to make it effective?.

There is everything from gross to subtle aryu in the Ab (heart container). The rendering of subtly of aryu demands highly advanced purity in action (Maat) and thought (Djehuty) as well as purity of feeling (Nebethet) in order to make one qualified for an effective utterance. Then with sustained dispassion (Khak-ab) and unbroken pursuit (an chen) there can be success in the practice. So the work of the disciplines builds the taffy shepsy and produces the bite that weakens the illusion of Creation; then the sustained pressure on Creation “Djed n-a ren-a k” with meaning, feeling and concentration, forces it to yield its secret.

That secret of course is the experience of the underlying essential nature that is called “one’s real name” beyond one’s time and space manifestation which is at all times and always sustained by that underlying essential nature but that is subsumed in the depths covered by an ocean of delusions called ego and egoism.

Ny, indeed, in the time that is left, for sure, but even if the time were left then even so, for the delusion of life be it long or short, is still delusion and the necessity to move towards enlightenment is as prescient in any case but accessible based on the content of aryu of the particular aspirant.


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