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Shems Ua Netert

Level 1, Lesson 20, Reading Progress Test

I. Reading Progress Test

1. ____True________ True or False: Humanistic traditions are traditions that are based on truth and universal spirituality.

2. It is very important for you to realize this term “Shetaut Neter” comes directly from the scriptures of Ancient Africa.

3. We have shown in the book African Origins that there was a direct relationship between the ___Indians__________ and the Ancient Egyptians/Ancient Africans, so much that the basic tenants of Hinduism and Buddhism can be directly correlated to Shetaut Neter.
a. Scythians
b. Indians
c. Hooligans
d. Libyans

4. True True or False: Shetaut Kheperu means “hidden Creator of forms.”

5. Heru is often the one shown leading the aspirant by the hand, into the inner shrine. In practice, it is the priest who wears a Heru mask in the context of a ritual theatrical ceremony of the temple that is meant to awaken the glory of the Neterian teaching in the heart of the aspirant.

II. Most remarkable question

I found #4 to be the most remarkable question because I find it fascinating to reflect on how creation came to be, and how it is sustained. I like to think about the beginning, where the Nun, the primeval ocean, was all that existed. Then, that the Divine Spirit rose from the Nun and named himself Khepri; that Khepri brought forth creation by emerging in the boat of Ra, and that the movement of the boat represents the motion of creation, meaning that the physical universe is actually a mass of moving elements. Thinking of the entire universe, including myself and all people, all physical objects as atoms and energy in motion is helping me achieve a state of mind that is less concerned with worldly pursuits, and more focused on increasing awareness of oneness with the divine. Htp