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Bastu Yashi

B-Answer the Question: What are the main take aways from the Aset and Ra myth, the important teachings to remember from the Audio lecture?

Nun is an ever-present reality; it is the ocean of consciousness from which Khepri shaped creation. Just as Ra became frustrated with humans in time and space who forgot their origins, humans continue to face this battle between truth and untruth in consciousness. Just as Het Heru was able to reorient to truth via preceptorship with a sage, we also may serve under the tutelage of a preceptor to guide our time and space experience/perception.
The myths that Djehuty told Het Heru to reorient her are methods of piecing together the deluded consciousness. They are available for generations to empower themselves to embody the truth in this lifetime.

The Neteru or cosmic forces are foundational to creation. They are like sun rays which emanate from the one divine self, so they are the self, just as humans exist in time and space. Separations into individual consciousness are just emanations from the one divine self.

The variances in personalities/characteristics of the Neteru reflect the variances/trials humans face. The complementary force/principle/Neteru presents an alternative force which may be employed to overcome delusion and move closer to higher consciousness. Asar is the soul of all, Aset is the intuitional wisdom of all, Heru is the aspiration (enlightenment when actualized), of all. Balancing the ariu is foundational to preventing increased incarnations. We have the Neteru, their myths, trials, victories as a roadmap to reorienting the personality with the truth and not being caught in illusory divisions of time and space.

Dua, htp