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Bastu Yashi

What are the important insights you have gained so far from Aset’s saga and her relationship with Ra?

Aset developed and maintained a one pointed focus on Ra and attainment of divine truth. She was not led astray with her time and space interactions. She maintained the knowledge and wisdom that there is something higher than what meets the eye and committed to embodying this. This is the one pointed focus which I desire for myself in this lifetime.

She was adamant to receive his true name, to attain nehast. As she became one with the essence of Ra, this led to her receiving knowledge of the essence of all, and she was empowered with knowledge of the mysteries of living. She was also empowered with the healing ability to heal Ra, Asar and Heru. This speaks powerfully to the way in which a disenchantment with time and space delusion, paired with one pointed focus on elevating above what appears only to the eye/senses may assist me in attaining insight, wisdom, healing capabilities of my fetters, in this lifetime. Her method of focus towards attainment serves as a template for the self to reach higher realms of awareness.

Aset’s use of hekau is a powerful method of building and maintaining the will to detach from time and space stimulation. Her hekau assisted in poisoning such identification/illusion. This, paired with a great understanding of the myth and related mysticism, provide further instruction on how to embody these principles in this lifetime.

Anteg begag, relentlessness, is mandatory to be successful like our preceptor, the wisdom energy of Aset. Through her Anteg begag, she was able to overcome her sensory identification and mental resistance (ariu) to actually embody the essence of Ra. Cleansing of the ariu is integral to this process. I realize that a cleansed ego is pertinent, and Anteg begag is mandatory to successful sublimate the ego.
I also realize that ultimately, one can study the teachings for years, but to actually move forward towards nehast – consistency, commitment, genuinity, and focus in mind, intent, thought and action are foundational and must be maintained – constantly striven for. In so being, as one navigates time and space, one’s actions should reflect such commitment.

Dua, htp