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Good summary.

Indeed, the application of the teaching to life is a powerful aspect of action yoga or Maat philosophy wherein the practice of seeing one’s life through the window of scripture moves one towards seeing life as a manifestation of the drama of scripture ultimately leading to identification with the divinity of the scripture and attaining the same spiritual outcome. It is part ritual, part wisdom and part experience of feeling that all reshape the personality into one with divine feeling and thinking, in effect a neter in one’s own right and fit to be in the company of other neteru. So for this practice any artifact, practice of chant, study of scripture and good company that can be acquired serves to feed into the practice of informal life when one is in the world and facilitating being able to hold on to the higher ideal of the spiritual practice, to be high minded in the midst of worldly relations and activities and experiences. So this is a powerful practice and part of the overall shedy that is needed to be a successful spiritual aspirant.