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This has been a very good synopsis of the intent of Maat Philosophy and the teaching in general as to its meaning and practice. I thought it especially interesting the use of the term “acceptation” in the context of a capacity to perceive reality under or framed by illusory separateness.

I also thought it interesting the idea of using of Maat for guidance when the course of action is not evident. In the context of the process of the development of the teaching within the personality, the ideal is to come to a point wherein the wrote or intellectual adoption of the Maatian teaching progresses to not only adoption by culture or herd mentality but adoption by becoming one with the Maatian teaching itself. In such a development there would not be a situation where one would fall back on Maat since all situations would be confronted with maat by a personality steeped in Maatian wisdom. At a higher level that personality steeped in maat realizes its nature as maat and thus the wisdom is not philosophical but rather spontaneously expressed by Maat. We can say that Maat is now operating “through” that personality; on the other hand, mystically we can further say that the personality “is” Maat. When the personality becomes so in tune, so in harmony with Maat it is the same as becoming in harmony with the order and truth of existence itself and the highest truth of existence is Neter or the Supreme Divine Self. Of course such a personality who is one with Maat is also one with that ultimate reality that she is and we can therefore also refer to such a person as Akh or enlightened spirit.


Very well