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Hetheru and Djehuty Sekhemit Thoth in ape form adoring Tefnut as a lioness from the Roman Chapel at the Temple of ed-Dakka (Photo by Roland Unger).png



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This idea of the “self-poisoning” hearkens back to the mysteries of Hetheru and Djehuty, wherein the poison of egoism was counteracted with kindness, arit and then the special sedjert drink: beer, blood, mandrake

The important ingredient is the immersion in souls of Ra and the important thing to understand is that it is to be self-administered. This theme reoccurs in the Pert M Heru and other places in scripture, the self-immersion in divinity. Lord Djehuty in the form of a meek baboon, among other things, signals the aspect of mind of humility to the ego when it is in full force and extending kindness and compassion to oneself as well as self-forgiveness. Then that same intellect (Djehuty) leads the ego to greater understanding through wisdom and devotion back to a place of standing in Ra and with all the regalia of divinity that the soul had previously (i.e. Hetheru). As we reflect on the myth we realize that just as the same serpent has two heads so too Hetheru and Sekhemit are aspects of the same being and if we immerse ourselves in the spirit through wisdom and devotion, we discover the oneness of spirit beyond the duality of egoistic life and the source as well as destination of the serpent power-leading to enlightenment. So in the teaching of Aset we see how she determined the course of her life was unacceptable and she determined to chart a different course, leading to immersion in Ra and discovering his essence, and as the proverbs go:

“For the ill of ignorance doth pour over all the earth and overwhelm the soul that’s battened down within the body, preventing it from finding Salvation.”

“Be not carried off by the fierce flood, but using the shore-current, ye who can, make for Salvation’s port, and, harbouring there, seek ye for one to take ye by the hand and lead you unto the gates of self-knowledge.”

-Ancient Egyptian Proverbs