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List the important points covered in this lecture.

In this video lecture by Sebai Maa the Scriptural teachings continue and numerous important points are brought to bear. For example, the “kneading” of the Taffy Shepsy is likened to the clay sculpting process, the idea being that the image of the Taffy Shepsy is already there in the lump of clay waiting to be exposed. Once one removes the extraneous clay, we are left with the true image of the Taffy Shepsy. I found this to be an important point and a reminder that all have the Taffy Shepsy within, and by kneading and shaping the personality, stripping away egoistic illusions, one can reveal their own Taffy Shepsy image.

Another important point along that line was that it takes time and patience to develop the “art of the Taffy Shepsy.” It was pointed out that if one is too rough by “over doing it,” there will be nothing left by the time it is done. It simply cannot be rushed. These are words of wisdom to remember in today’s society of instant gratification. In matters of the spirit one should cultivate patience and persistence—“antet begag.”

The idea of forming the Taffy Shepsy as an “art” is one that resonated with me. The true art of fashioning one’s Taffy Shepsy is through “an nemmu nemmu,” in other words “not moving.” This was a very important and crucial point, because as we exist in creation we are accustomed to constant movement. Our very thoughts represent motion and Sebai Maa explained that one must stop motion in all three realms—physical, astral, and causal, just as the Nun was in a state of inactivity before Creation was formed. This is not only an important point, but a revelation into the mysteries of the teachings, for only in the state of “an nemmu nemmu” is it possible to experience the connection of all things in the Universe, which is a construct of Ra.

The “connection” is referred to in the scriptures as “tjest,” meaning to knot two things together. In the anatomy of Creation it is “khu” that causes “tjest,” the knotting that weaves everything together. Thus, the spiritual aspirant, having sculpted their Taffy Shepsy personality, must now “sit with it” in slience and non movement, according to Sebai Maa, in order to un-knot the “tjest.” This leads to TTOA meditation practice, in which there is only one thought or no thought to stop the mind. Sebai Maa recommends that the more you experience transcendental awareness, the more your mind is shaped into the Taffy Shepsy. This, of course is very important point because it then becomes possible for the aspirant to untangle the “tjest” of Creation.

It was remarked that since Ra is the cause of Creation it is, in fact, “His fault that He is bitten.” Therefore, the aspirant should not have feelings of guilt or hesitation about sabotaging Ra. It is explained in the scripture that Ra is acting with “aba n ab,” meaning “self-willed”–living as He pleased, according to egoistic desire. Remember in a previous lesson it was determined that Ra is the egoistic expression of the Creator on Earth. The important point here is that Ra represents duality that is an illusion, and the Taffy Shepsy represents that which is beyond duality because, in its one-pointedness, “it has lost duality.”

It is non-duality, according to the lecture, that causes Ra to get sick. Thus, the trembling, sweating, dizziness, etc. is actually a metaphor for Creation falling apart. In Sebai Maa’s words: “This is where you want Ra” in order to “go in for the kill.” Though it may sound more like a military strategy than a spiritual endeavor, it makes the important point that it takes decisive action to pierce through the illusion of Creation. After all, what would be the point of sculpting the Taffy Shepsy through “khak ab,” “antet begag,” “an chen,” and meditation if one is not ready and willing to strike?

Now that Aset has Ra where She wants Him, She invokes the hekau “Djed n-a ren-a k” (“Tell me your Divine name”). Even still, in His deteriorating state, Ra tries to dissuade Aset with “nedjmndjemyu,” meaning all pleasures, sweetness, like figs. But Aset isn’t having any of the worldly pleasures He is offering. As aspirants, we too, are subject to the “nedjemndjemyu” and “aba n ab,” the world is offering. But according to the scriptures, Aset will not be dissuaded by Ra because She understands, perhaps the most important point in this lecture, as expressed by Sebai Maa:

“There is life if you affirm your name, and death if you don’t.” In other words knowing the Divine name is Eternal life. Therefore, Aset is relentless.


Shems Heryt