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Bastu Akhu

Reading Assignment
1. Which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

The hieroglyphic term that captivated me personally is found in Vs. 28 “Chet Ankh” (life fire)

This caught my attention because I had pondered on it when it was first presented by Sebai in lesson 4 because I think understanding the life fire is an important step in spiritual evolution. The scripture tells us that Ra created the breath of life and life fire that enlivens everything and sustains creation. Now, this very ‘life fire’ is unable to sustain the illusion of creation because it has been interrupted by the energies of Aset as the taffy shepsy, the sacred serpent and is now leaking out. Sebai explained further that “…the things that he has created he has created them out of himself …its bleeding into himself”. I gather the same life fire that is being used to sustain creation/illusion is also being used to dissolve it. I found this important because if we can control the life fire we are allotted to a one pointed focus on Ra as Aset did we could also poison the illusion of creation and gain freedom in discovering our true identity which transcends creation, The Self. In essence seeing the illusion for what it is and not being deluded by it, obtaining dual consciousness.