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Udja, a good summary and questions.

Firstly, about Sema university – this is the older name for what was changed to “Kemet University” and “Asaru college” is a division within Kemet University.


“are the GLM, kemetic diet and African origins certificates still being offered?“


The certifications have not been performed for some time and the Kemet University programs have taken over most of those teachings. However, if one of those specific certifications interests you it may be possible to fine a certified instructor to give individualized instruction.


“How does one obtain the Om Amun Ra ptah chant CD?“


Go here to see all available CDs:


ABOUT THE QUESTION: “How does an aspirant who sees he/she is making progress by the encouragement of others who say they see change in them keep from unknowingly becoming egotistical and at the same time not stagnate their progress by being overly self critical in attempts to be humble?“


The best way to stay on track with the teaching is to have a competent authentic and experienced guide.


ABOUT THE QUESTION: “When one sees their spiritual preceptor as the embodiment of God realization and aspires to emulate them is that personality worship since the student sees the teacher as having the qualities of the Neteru and not an egoistic personality?”


Anything that is worshiped as if it were real and abiding that is not real and abiding is personality or object worship and the kind of worship that is not towards the higher perspective. Even a sage has human aspects so if the sage is authentic those lower aspects are to be ignored in favor of what is the higher essence that the sage is (Spirit) and to the teaching that is being given as opposed to personality quirks or deficiencies caused by old age. Admiring qualities of non-sage personalities is also ok with the same proviso. In this way the admiration is positive and towards what is true and with the idea of not directing it towards that personality but towards what they represent and also in so doing it will be possible to de-personalize the worship and realize those same principles within oneself and in so doing also rising to become sagely and enlightened as well.