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Good reflections.

One key in your observations was about seeking more than what ordinary human beings want out of life. In fact they want things out of life and one thing the teaching demonstrates is that whatever things you get out of life are illusory and therefore false. So seeking for fulfillment out of ordinary human life is seeking after illusion and it is based on an idea that human existence is abiding which is itself a delusion. Therefore, this is a key component of spiritual aspiration and it is not based solely on intellectual wisdom but also on feeling that there is something missing in the world of time and space and that is what the socialization from ordinary human society and orthodox religions do not provide.

Thus, those who are true seekers are seen by the ordinary people, as misfits or cooks; it is said that the day of the ordinary person is the night of the sage and the day of the sage is the night of the ignorant ordinary person. So ordinary people live lives for and in what is delusion and the sage lives in what is real and that is what the true mystic seeks after and is the purpose of this program and the teaching of Shetaut Neter (Egyptian Mysteries).

For such a person who deems to follow the path of a seeker, then that is the act of pulling oneself out of the coffin of delusion and into the light of day and that is one reason why it is called book of Enlightenment. So that self-effort is critical in leading oneself to spiritual enlightenment, for no sage or god can do that work for one; however, when one deems it proper to engage the path, then all the needed divinity comes to the rescue and aid of the qualified aspirant’ this is dramatized in the relationship of Aset and Heru (the aspirant).