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Bastu Akhu

Lesson 6

Video Assignment

List the important points covered in this lecture

Review Vs. 19, 20 and 21
The Scroll – a determinative that’s important in perceiving the meaning of the word, and what’s being conveyed. One should add a conceptual, intangible meaning to one’s understanding that goes beyond words.

Nature of theTaffy Shepsy – its abstract and intangible, not a physical serpent. Mystically, it’s bringing one’s personality to one pointed-ness where focus is on Ra, creation. I gather this to mean the refocusing of energy collected and used in the transformation of one’s personality forms the taffy shepsy and since this energy/life-force emanates from Ra it’s like turning Ra against himself. The process is what leads to one pointed-ness of mind.

Immobility of Taffy Shepsy- when the taffy shepsy is developed through the process as the philosophy has indicated (khak ab, dispassion, detachment etc.) there needs to be a time of an nemu nemu, inactivity, non-movement, especially of the mind. I think this means a steadiness of the life-force energy in the higher psychological centers of the sefek ba ra. I gather this to further mean dissolving creation into its original state of non – movement, the nun, undifferentiated consciousness. Sebai adds that the difference between creation and undifferentiated consciousness is movement and movement is what is infused into creation through Khepri. Sebai also added that movement is not the cause but it is “the effective means of the delusion”. This is the aspect of Ra that we can “see” and are attuned to that appears to be real. However, the other aspect of Ra and of ourselves that is inert, the transcendental aspect, can be discern if an nemu nemu is achieved. Slowing down the vibrations of movement in the mind long enough to see the illusoriness of time and space.

The Boat of Ra – I gather that mythologically the boat (the sun disk) represents the vehicle that travels on the nun, undifferentiated consciousness. Mystically, the sailing/movement of the boat of Ra in three phases (Ra Khepri, Ra Herakhty and Ra Tem) and the energy’s it is composed of, is giving form to the undifferentiated matter causing the objects of time and space to exists.

VS. 22 – 34
After transforming her personality into the taffy shepsy, Aset left it on the path of Ra Tem, one of the two weaker forms of Ra. His emanations are weak at this time, and not as intense as Ra Herakhty which sustains creation. The scripture continues with Ra passing through the two lands, the Ta (physical realm) and the Pet (heavenly realm) as he normally does. At the end of the day before entering into the pet, As Ra Tem, Ra is very tired and weak but still follows the desires of his heart and continued on his journey shining behind the gods and goddesses (nature, creation) who are in the great double house, which Ra rules, giving honor to him with life vitality and health. However, Ra while on his path one day was bitten by a sacred serpent, Aset’s taffy shepsy. Ra’s own creation, part of himself has turned on him. Immediately Ra’s started losing his fire of life, it started to flow out of him, but into him, liken to that of internal bleeding and this over powered him. The life force energy of Ra that sustains creation is disrupted by Aset taffy shepsy and this is causing the illusion of his creation to fluctuate, its causing glitches in Ra’s illusory reality. Ra cried out in pain and it reached the gods and goddesses who came and asked what was going on, what has happened to the great majesty, Neter Neterty? Ra was overwhelmed, weak and could not answer.

Time to Strike with the Taffy Shepsy – Mythologically the time to strike is when Ra is weak, which he is in his Ra Khepri and Ra Tem form but really the time to strike mystically is when the taffy shepsy is created and has been immobile for a time and placed on the path of Ra, which is any aspect of creation since Ra is all of creation itself. Placing yourself in the path of everything that exists, by aligning with the truth of the illusoriness of creation (movement) and simultaneously coming into the realization and discovery of your Higher Self (inertia) that transcend creation and is the source of All that exists.