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Level 1/ Lesson 3:

Video assignment-Intro to SN short part 3b.mp4

The most important themes listed are:

1. Question on Indians/Easterners excepting Egyptian yoga. Most will reject it
2. Set doesn’t have any temples. In the late periods Set
was associated by foreigners who attacked Egypt-Hykos-??. They adopted Set as their patron God. Set took on a negative connotation. Set-A divinity that represents the lower forces-not negative-(sexuality, greed, power, etc.). This is natural but when desires become exaggerated, this leads to unrighteousness, ignorance & delusion. Set isn’t a devil-It’s the ego of a person that’s obsessed with ignorance & misunderstanding.
3. Discussion on Amun Ra Ptah (The Great Trinity)
4. Discussion on unconscious/conscious mind, awake & dream
5. Basic meditation techniques discussed publically are for the general public. Advanced techniques of meditation for advanced practitioners for those who put in the time and practice & those that study to become priest/priestess.
6. Discussion on Other Spiritual Systems-Morals are judged by deeds not by words

Explain what impressed you most in this presentation.

Great topics in this video! I was actually impressed with a few topics. The one that stands out the most was the discussion of the dream & awake state. I didn’t realize that when a person dream & is unaware, (being unconscious), this is a negative state as oppose to dreaming consciously-positive. Similar to this, I’ve had the experience, in an awake state, of feeling like I was myself but not myself. Almost, feeling like I was trapped in my own body. It was like; I was viewing reality from within my body. It was really scary at the time. Is this common? Is there a name for this? I’m sure this isn’t the same but it reminded me of having this experience. I never discussed it, for obvious reasons.