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Death is the ultimate end to the activities in earth. Most people believe you obtain this by worldly things. Acient proverb say search for one’s self in the work is the pursuit of illusion. But you can run from or try to hold on to worldly things because these negative things are bound to happen. Being able to control the thoughts in your mind you lead yourself to peace and true happens because thing in the world all ways changes. The world is of confusion and that is because we do not follow the truth which is know as maat.The three stages of religion are myth,ritual, and mythical. Myth is the legend or story. The ritual is ceremonies and the mystical is the myth is given. One problem that other religions have is that they do not practice all three stages and they do not intgrate all three together.
Most people ask who are we but we are all one in the same and that is a spirit connected to good. What I have learned is that their is not many gods but gods that have multiple forms. You as the individual have choose in with teachings you want to follow. Which I think is interesting about kemetic religion.