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In the teaching Sema Tawy instills 4 disciplens which are listen to the teachings, Right action, Devotion, Meditation. Churches and temples are built different and operated diffently. The church’s were for everyone in the community to worship and get the teachings from preachers. The temples were more for spiritual research to improve a persons higher self. Yoga is a key part in the teachings Sema Tawy. New yoga and the yoga of Kemet are two different things. The new your is some that has been adopted by the European a who use it to get a tight butt or flat abs. I Kemet it was used to help the aspirant find his or her higher self. I did not even know yoga was used to help you reach that higher connection. Meditation is also a very key part in Sema Tawy because it helps free your mind and connects you to your higher plane. It also helps you unlock your 3rd eye which helps you unlock your higher knowledge and your below knowledge.

My question is what is your higher and below knowledge what does that mean?

Is yoga and meditation equivalent to prayer?