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The main point that was touched upon during the lecture was the correlation that needs to be made between Kamit and all of Africa. There are 3 main things that are needed to connect cultures as far as contact and/or influence on another. This is very evident that Kamit spread throughout all of Africa and reached to places such as India, Asia Minor, N. America, E. Europe and many other places. Diop tries to make it very clear that Kamit was summit of African culture and to deny this fact is to say that nothing else pertaining to Africa can make any sense at all. It has been proven that Africa was the birth place of man. Once the population grew people began to spread out and travel north into Kamit and even further throughout the world.

Two cultures from the West part of Africa that show direct correlations to Kamit were the Dogons and the Yoruba. They both had gods and goddesses that represent the same ideas as Kemet. That being said, there were bits and pieces of enlightenment spread throughout the diaspora, however, Kamit held all the difference pieces together and was able to become so advanced. Because of this Kamit is seen as the flower of African culture. We must note that Kamit is the improvement and development of the traditions of Africa. The trade line that goes along the Hapy Valley and into other nations such as China and India can be seen as examples of the reach Kamit had to other nations.

1. How was Kamit able to have such a thriving civilization for thousands of years yet most civilizations outside of this era fizzle out every couple hundred years or so?

2. Why is there such fight against respecting and documenting Kamit as being part of Nubia over the years? Why is this such a fight that is still continued to this very day, globally?

3. When speaking of the gods, they come in pairs. (i.e. Dark, light, earth, air, fire, ice) I also read and hear a lot about peace & harmony. In the current world from the lectures and what is going on it seems as if we are in a constant battle state or a war between them where the bad seem to be winning. How do we counteract that as one person or as a whole? Are these illusions and there is a way for us to elevate past the state we see and reach a higher peace/harmony?