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Boat of Ra



Very good reflections.

You are currently in Level 1 Egyptian Mysteries Program Part 2 and here some of the main themes covered in Part 1 (Lessons 1-19) are reiterated but in greater depth and breadth in order to better and more firmly establish these in the personality while broadening their meaning and practical usefulness.


This procedure is designed to help the aspirant be firmly seated in the fundamental teaching of Shetaut Neter and then be able to move to the next level of studies which relate to the wisdom of the heart. Therefore, I detect a tone of relaxation and capacity as well as “comfortableness” with the teaching and those aspects were desired features to be gained in the previous lessons. Seating in the teachings means more than basic understand and comfortableness. It means being firmly of the conviction of the truth of the teaching and that informs, strengthens and impels the capacity to act in accord with what the teaching prescribes and that is the source of the capacity to attain success on the spiritual path.


Now the task is to build on that foundation so as to expand the capacity now internally in terms of understanding and feeling, in preparation for the following state of intellectual and metaphysical development.