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When I reflect upon the teachings of lesson 8, I come back to “saard” or “well intentions” because whether it is well intentions on one’s own behalf, or well intended others on your behalf, it all comes down to “the one who inflicts the poison is the one who can undo the poison.” We poison our own souls with lifetimes of aryu and none but ourselves have the cure for our unique ari. Finding the pathway to spiritual liberation is only the beginning. Understanding that we have the means to be “provisioned with power” to give life back to the soul is empowering only to the extent that we have the courage and devotion to claim it.

Therefore, I must work more diligently on balancing my personality to emulate Lady Aset in order to undo the poison that I have inflicted upon my soul. Realizing that it is only an illusion that stands in my way, will help me to begin to erase emotional fears and mental doubts of the ego, and strengthen my metaphysical resolve in the active pursuit of building my Serpent power.


Shems Heryt